Photo: Susan Flynn


I’m a freelance writer based near Milwaukee, Wisconsin, but I like to tell people that my husband and I are moving to Spain. Not 100% sure he’s on board, so while I try to convince him, I find as many ways as I can to get there myself. Luckily, writing assignments and English immersions have created a portal for my annual tapas fix. (Ask me about or the Suryalila Retreat Centre.)

I've always been drawn to language, culture, and writing. While my friends got dolls and board games for Christmas in first grade, I got my first typewriter. In fourth grade, my parents took me to Spain to visit my brother studying abroad. I fell in love with Spain and Spanish.   

Over the years, I’ve had a few different jobs. I started as a TV writer and producer of real estate home shows. The next stop was middle school Spanish teaching, which I did until I discovered that teaching ESL was more my calling. I’ve worked with children and adult English learners in the US and volunteered in English immersions in Spain.

Pre-pandemic, I led an English Immersion and Wellness Retreat at a yoga retreat in Southern Spain. 

My other clients include realtors, podcasters, the LPGA Women's Network and Girls Golf Blog, and running websites. My personal running website,, led to articles for Runners World Online, This Mother Can Run, and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. I also wrote The Great Search, translated into Spanish (La Gran Busqueda) and sold in Spain.

Perhaps my favorite project was an interview I did with my dad about the pandemic weeks before he passed away. 

My latest project is taking my dad’s amazing writing (Letters to Louie) and creating a book to inspire many.

I find words magical and love helping people bring their messages to life.